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USVI Holidays & Events

What's Happening and What to Do on St. John this month? Plan ahead when traveling to the US Virgin Islands. St. John holidays + events in September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May, June, July, + August.


Great Lameshur Bay

Discover the natural bueauty of Great Lameshur Bay on St. John's south shore.


Little Lameshur Bay

Discover Little Lameshur Bay on St. John. Spend the day, snorkel, hike, float, explore ancient ruins, or just relax and enjoy the view in the sun or shade. So much to do for the whole family at Lameshur Bay!


St. John #1 on Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor viewers in a 2013 Traveler's Choice Survey rated St. John the #1 vacation destination in the Caribbean.


Why Visit St. John

Wondering where to go next? Checkout beautiful St. John, in the US Virgin Islands. The quiet east side of the island known as Coral Bay has so much to offer with water, beach, hiking, boating, and swimming activities for the whole family.


Snorkeling St John with the Amazing Parrotfish

Snorkel St. John and see the many beautiful varieties of colorful varieties ofparrot fish around St. John VI in the US Virgin Islands.


Hike to Brown Bay on St John VI

Discover Brown Bay, the prized Coral Bay hideway in VI National Park. Brown Bay is surrounded by Virgin Islands National Park and most accessible from a hiking trail in Coral Bay, St. John.


St John Island's Reef Bay Sugar Factory

Experience all that Reef Bay on St. John USVI has to offer: hiking trails, sugar mill ruins, petroglyph carvings and white sandy beaches


Top 5 Reasons St. John Beaches are the Best in the Caribbean

Top 5 Reasons St. John Beaches are ranked the Best in the Caribbean. Find out what makes the beaches on St. John VI area always as the top 5 best beaches to visit.


Things to Do on St. John

Thinking of visiting the most beautiful Caribbean island of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands? Find out everything there is to do on your next vacation!


National Park Hiking Trail Map for St. John US Virgin Islands

Explore the island of St. John on foot by following dozens of well-maintained trails of the Virgin Islands National Park.


Best Beaches in the World

Experienced travelers give the beaches of St. John high marks. Maho Bay was ranked #11 of the best beaches in the world.


Re-Marry Your Mate in Love City St. John

Every year since 2002, Rev. Anne Marie Porter conducts a free marriage vow renewal ceremony on February 14 Valentine's Day at the famous Trunk Bay beach on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands.


Colorful Hawskbill Sea Turtles

Snorkel the clear water off the shores of St. John in the US Virgin Islands and see amazing Hawksbill sea turtles.


Not-so-Green Green Sea Turtle

Snorkel the shores off St. John in the US Virgin Islands and see Green Sea Turtles, which aren't actually green, feed on sea grass.


Beachfront Villas

Enjoy your next vacation within walking distance to a Caribbean beach - it can happen, Windspree has the perfect beachfront villas for you.


St. John Love City Triathlon/Aquathon/SUPathon winners 2014

Who gets bragging rights at the bar after the annual Love City Triathlon Aquathon SUPathon race in 2014?


Be Nice to Coral Reefs

Know what coral reefs are, why they are important and how to keep them safe and free from damage.


Coral Bay #1 Place to Visit in the US

In the New York Times article "52 Places to Go in 2016", Coral Bay St. John is ranked #4 in the world, and #1 in the US. Visit St. John and stay in affordable luxury vacation villas managed by Windspree Vacation Homes.


Travel Quick Links

Bookmark this page for quick links to the best travel information for visiting St. John and participating in St. Johns activities for the entire family


Reef Fish Rule

Snorkel or dive the coral reefs around the island of St. John and see some of the most healthy reefs and amazing reef fish.


Trunk Bay Beach on St. John

Trunk Bay Beach on the Virgin Island National Park shores of St. John is famous and popular for its beautiful white sand beaches, convenient park amenities on-site, underground snorkel tour, and romantic beach wedding ceremonies. The Trunk Bay overlook on North Shore drive is a popular stop for a coveted and memorable photograph of the best trip around St. Johns island.


Salt Pond Bay

Spend a day at Salt Pond Bay on the Coral Bay side of St. John in the US Virgin Islands. Hike Rams Head trail, explore the "coral people" at Drunk Bay, and snorkel colorful tropical fish, coral reefs, sea fans, sea turtles, and more!


St. John Spa Day Essentials

You have the day circled on your calendar, so get ready for the ultimate all-natural spa day on St. John! Save your pennies and scrub down with sand and sea salt, moisturize and heal with slit aloe stalks, remove impurities with a mud bath, scrub clean in the crystal waters of the sea, and warm yourself in the welcome sun. Now THAT'S a spa day.


Hike Ram's Head Trail on St. John

Ram's Head trail on St. John is approximately 3 miles roundtrip over sometimes steep and uneven terrain. Most of the trail is not shaded, so best to hike this popular US Virgin Islands National Park well-maintained hiking trail early in the morning, wear sunscreen, and bring lots of water (and your snorkel + camera!). Incredible views along the way & the trail often follows the water line. Take a dip!


Take the Plunge

Get engaged, honeymoon, marry, or remarry on the beautiful beaches of St. John! Say goodbye to big halls and big bands and enjoy a romantic wedding ceremony in Love City. Take the plunge on St. John!


The Amazing Octopus

The Caribbean octopus is a coral reef marine animal with 8 arms and weighs about 3 pounds. See octopus while snorkeling St. John! See octopus change color and texture!


Seagulls of Summer

The sound of seagulls around St. John is a seasonal joy from May to September. Many different species of seagulls visit the shores of the Caribbean.

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