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St John Historical Society celebrates its 45th year. On April 7th they will celebrate their anniversary at Lucky Chops in Cruz Bay at 3:30pm.

For over 4 decades the founding members have researched, preserved and shared the history of St John. If you have ever looked into the islands past, you will see incredible stories, some beautiful and some not pleasant at all.

The library of images capture an island deeply rooted in traditional west indian lifestyles. The quaint scenery does not always tell of the harshness of island life before large importers, airplanes and global communication. But one can’t help but daydream about what it was like to be here 100 or even 75 years ago. The peacefulness, the unspoiled beauty and the community of residents that relied on the land, sea and each other for survival.

Check out St John Historical Society website for more information or for current events

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