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Get ready for the 8Tuff Miles foot race! 8tuffers and wannabes across the globe heaved a sigh of relief when they heard 8Tuff was returning. The famous island foot race may have been knocked down, but it got up again.

8tuff miles raceIn the early morning hours of February 23, hundreds in Cruz Bay will hoof it over the hills and head to Coral Bay, passing well-manned and spirited watering stations along the way. Why? Well, it’s 8Tuff. Sure there are those who zip through it faster than my first island Suzuki, but the bulk of us take the opportunity to just enjoy the simple act of communing with nature. Granted, 8 mountainous miles is a lot of… communing, but there are few local events you can set your calendar to, and 8Tuff is one of them.

8tuff miles team

The last Saturday in February, through hail, sleet, or snow (but not hurricane), 8Tuff is there. The buildup to the event lasts weeks, as volunteers sign-up to man the water stations and registration starts to swell.

8tuff water stationThe big day effects more than just those in the race, as island residents stand along Centerline road and cheer-on the climbers. From violin serenaders to sub woofers on wheels, there’s a St. John spirited “something or other” around every 8Tuff corner. And even if you’re neither in the race nor watching it, 8Tuff will effect you if you’re on St. John, as Centerline Road closes to car traffic for a solid 2 hours.

8tuff miles shane

This year race bibs will all say 2018, honoring Hurricane Irma posthumously while also not wasting perfectly good numbers.

See you there!

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