The Areca palm has multiple cane-like shoots that grow from the base (up to 40ft) with large, stiff fronds with narrow leaflets sprouting from the tops. How many have you spotted on St. John?

Native to Madagascar, Areca palms are popular houseplants for their air-purifying, easy-care, & non-toxic properties. While all plants clean air borne toxins from the air, palms inparticular are some of the best air purifying plants, as noted in a recent clean air study done by Wolverton and Nasa.

Scientific name dypsis lutescens, Areca palm also goes by the names golden cane palm, yellow palm, and butterfly palm. Areca palms are relatively easy to grow, requiring a moderate amount of sunlight and water. Propogating areca palms is known to be a challenge, as it is done with seeds and requires consistent, above average humidity.

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