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American Brown Pelican

Common to St. John and along other coastal areas in North America, the American brown pelican is one of only two pelican species who dive for food. (The other is the Peruvian Pelican.)  Of all eight species of pelicans, the brown pelican is surprisingly the smallest! Majestic, graceful flyers, brown pelicans can be seen floating … Continued

Summer Weather on St. John

While summer heat blazes most of the United States during the brutal hot and humid months of Summer, it may surprise  you to know that St. John and much of the Caribbean continues to experience the cooling trade winds, making May through August simply delightful. While the risk of hurricanes rises starting June 1, the weather across … Continued

What to Do in Coral Bay Today

What to Do In Coral Bay Today EXPLORE! Make friends with the Coral Bay wildlife Hike Ram’s Head on the full moon Hike down Reef Bay trail with the affordable National Park guided tour and get a boat ride home Hike dozens of well-maintained trails Hike Reef Bay trail after a rain and see waterfalls     Take the Brown Bay trail or hoof … Continued

What to do on St. John

Wondering what to do while you are on vacation or visiting St. John US Virgin Islands? From water sports to land activities, St. John has something that will interest everyone in your family. List of Fun Things to Do on St. John What to Do in Coral Bay St. John Map of Cruz Bay Shopping … Continued

Getting Around St. John

Wondering how to get around St. John once you arrive? Rent a car, jeep, or scooter, or take a taxi, cab, or bus around. Windspree Vacation Homes even has a hiking trail map, if you’re so inclined. Where to Rent a Jeep on St. John How Much Does a Taxi Cab Cost on St. John … Continued

How to Get to St. John

Wondering how to get to St. John in the US Virgin Islands? Checkout these links to more information about airlines that fly to St. Thomas (Does St. John have an airport? Nope.) How to Get to St. John, US Virgin Islands Plan a Trip to St. John USVI St. John USVI Travel Tips Airlines that … Continued

Little Lameshur Bay

Little Lameshur Bay Less than a quarter mile down the road from Great Lameshur Bay is a small sandy beach oasis prized by locals as the end of the road.      From Little Lameshur the adventurous can hike up Bordeaux mountain trail passed the ranger station, or continue on foot westward to Europa and Reef Bay.      

Things to Do on St. John

Here at Windspree Vacation Homes, we not only offer luxurious St. John vacation rentals, we offer exclusive insider info on all the exciting things to do on St. John during your stay. Whether you’re here on family vacation, a group trip with friends, your honeymoon, or a solitary, unplugged retreat, there are endless possibilities for an unforgettable experience … Continued

Laughing Gulls on St. John

Do you hear the distinct call of the laughing gull on St. John?  If so, you’re visiting the beautiful Caribbean island  sometime from April through September!         Like clockwork, the laughing gulls arrive just as high season on-island is ending. Pelicans all over St. John roll their eyes, as the flocks of … Continued

Day Tripping to Nearby Islands

While you’re staying on St. John, why not check out some of the cool islands nearby?  Remember to bring your passport, as you’ll need it to leave the territory and visit the British Virgin Islands (BVIs). Adding a day trip to your vacation is easy! Join a scheduled tour with one of the local dive … Continued