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Rib Cook Off

St. John Rib Cook Off   Congratulations All Entrants! The annual St. John Rib Cook Off benefits the much appreciated St. John Rescue squad, an all-volunteer unit that looks after the community from Cruz Bay to Coral Bay and everything inbetween. If you like ribs, clearly Coral Bay has the best! Hundreds flocked to the … Continued

Caribbean Carnival Celebration on St. John USVI

Celebrating Carnival on St. John USVI Every year St. John celebrates Carnival with a month-long series of events and Festival activities that culminate on the 4th of July with an early morning party (J’ouvert), colorful daytime parade, and fireworks and more music that night. The ancient African traditions of parading and moving in circles through villages in … Continued

2018 St. John Carnival Schedule of Events

2018 St. John Festival Schedule of Events Click here to learn the history of Carnival Checkout the Windpree website and make those travel plans for St. Johns Carnival Festival Summer 2018! For more information about St. John Festival 2018, contact the Festival & Cultural Organization of St. John, Inc. 340-690-3692 or 340-690-1725 [email protected] Book your villa … Continued

St. John Reindeer Ramble

St. John runners come together at the parking lot to the entrance of the Annaberg Ruins in the Virgin Islands National Park on Sunday, December 17, 2017 for the 9th annual Reindeer Ramble.           Free to register, runners may donate pet food and other items to the St. John Animal Care Center. Registration begins at 7:30 … Continued

St. John Car Rental Agencies

St John Car Rental (340) 776-6103 Cool Breeze (340) 776-6588 Paris (340) 776-6171 Best Car Rental (340) 693-8177 Bougainvilla (340) 776-6420 C & C (340) 693-8164 Conrad Sutton (340) 776-6476 Courtesy (340) 776-6650 Delbert Hill (340) 776-6637 Denzil Clyne (340) 776-6715 Hospitality (340) 693-9160 L&L (340) 776-1120 O’Connor (340) 776-6343 Penn’s (340) 776-6530 Spencer (340) … Continued

Coral Bay Community Council

Caring + Preparing for Coral Bay’s Future – Today The Coral Bay Community Council is dedicated to: assisting people in getting involved in planning the future of Coral Bay; providing educational materials, professional opinions, and community input on all sides of issues; and facilitating meetings where issues can be respectfully and rationally discussed. CBCC’s Board firmly believes–and we … Continued

Tiny and Cheerful Bananaquits are St Johns Favorite Bird

Meet the official bird of the US Virgin Islands! The yellow crest or bananaquit is nicknamed the sugar bird, which comes from its affinity for granular sugar or sugar water.  This small, active nectarivore is found in warmer parts of the Americas and is known for its ability to adjust remarkably to human environments. It often visits … Continued

St. John ACC Winter Gala

Nothing gets the St. John community more jazzed than a fundraiser, especially one that benefits our lovable animal friends.  Homeless pets across the island who need medical care, shelter and lots of love are welcome at St. John’s only animal welfare organization. Every year hundreds of cats and dogs pass through the St. John Animal Care … Continued

Beachfront Villas

Be on the Beach at Your Villa… Pelican Beach – 2 bedrooms Or Walk to the Beach from Your Villa… Lille Paradis -1 bedroom La Sirena – 2 bedrooms The Secret Seashell – 3 bedrooms Estate Fortsberg – 4 bedroom The Crows Nest – studio

Hike Estate Fortsberg

An area on the map as well as the name of a popular Windspree rental villa, both Estate Fortsbergs are worth checking out.   The private villa of Estate Fortsberg is surrounded by national park land. The area and ruins of Estate Fortsberg are an 18th-century citadel fortress.  Erected in 1717, Fortsberg was also the site … Continued