Colorful Hawskbill Sea Turtles

Named for their narrow head and beak over-bite, the Hawskbill sea turtle is a descendant of a group of reptiles that as existed for more than 100 million years. One of the largest populations of Hawksbill turtles is in the Caribbean Sea, commonly seen along coral reefs off the shores of St. John. Not to … Continued

Annual 8 Tuff Miles Foot Race

Only the tough survive this grueling island run (walk or crawl), from Cruz Bay to Coral Bay on St. John in the US Virgin Islands.  Just 8.375 miles long, only the very best runners finish the course in under an hour. More than a thousand people enter and finish the race each year. Do you have … Continued

Wagapalooza, St. John’s Wacky Island Dog Show

WAGAPALOOZA! St. John’s Wacky Island Dog Show Annual Fundraiser for the St. John Animal Care Center SATURDAY May 20, 2017 5-9pm For event information, click HERE Up to Date ACC News on Facebook       

Kentucky Derby Coral Bay Style

The first Saturday in May is a big day in Coral Bay… the Kentucky Derby! The Kentucky Derby is a stakes race for three-year old Thoroughbreds, held annually in Louisville Kentucky on the first Saturday in May.  The 2 km “run for the roses” is also known as “the fastest 2-minutes in sports.” Run every consecutive year since 1875, … Continued

National Park Hiking Trail Map for St. John US Virgin Islands

Hiking on St John is a great way to see the Virgin Islands. There are a total of 22 hiking trails to choose from.  Before you head out, pack a map, plenty of water, and sunscreen.  It’s always a good idea to notify a friend that you’ll be out hiking, just in case of emergency.  … Continued

Full Moon Schedule

Celebrate the full moon from Coral Bay, St. John in the US Virgin Islands! Below is a full moon calendar for 2017. Full moons are a great time to hike Rams Head, take a moonlight kayak or SUP trip, or visit Miss Lucy’s for their full moon party. Fourteen days after each full moon is … Continued

USVI Holidays & Events

2017  USVI Holidays & Events Visiting St. John This Week? See What’s Happening! JANUARY January 1 New Year’s Day January 6 Three King’s Day (Epiphany) January 12 Full moon January 16 Martin Luther King Day January 28 Chinese New Year – Rooster FEBRUARY February 5 Super Bowl 51 at Skinny Legs February 10 Full Moon February 14 Valentine’s Day February 20 President’s Day … Continued

Be Nice to Coral Reefs

  What are coral reefs? Coral Reefs are “diverse underwater ecosystems held together by calcium carbonate structures secreted by corals,” says Wikipedia. Corals are built by the secretions of colonies of tiny sea animals. The hard carbonate exoskeletons that result are the perfect environment for polyps to thrive.Since these types of reefs grow best in shallow, warm, sun-drenched … Continued

Humpback Whales in the Caribbean

Do you want to see whales while you’re visiting St. John? Best chances are to get a villa that sits high on a mountain with a clear view of the water (Windspree has several) during the peak of winter season (January-March). Humpback whales migrate to the Caribbean during the winter and have been spotted in … Continued

Coral Bay Halloween

 October 31 is a big day on St. John. Not only marking the end of the season “that shall not be named”, but also launching a new season of hard work. Residents let loose in ways you never dreamed possible. Skinny Legs holds a big party every year with a costume constest – a great … Continued