Island-Style Turkey

Cooking a turkey on St. John is a true island experience. And no baking oven or deep fryer will do. An interesting tradition among those who cook their own birds for the holiday includes smoking the turkey with a termite’s nest. Sounds gross, but some of the most squeamish among us declare this method produces the … Continued

Pick the Right Villa

When it comes to knowing how to pick the right villa, look no further than Windspree Vacation Homes on St. John. Windspree has a broad selection of more than 20 St. John vacation villas, from small apartments to luxury estates. Escape to peace and relaxation with a simple click. Studio apartments, one-bedroom cottages, and small … Continued

Sea Turtles on St. John

St. John is home to 3 species of sea turtles: green, hawksbill, and leatherback. Sea turtles can be found almost anywhere there is sea grass underwater around St. John, although Maho Bay is the most popular. Sea turtles spend their lives in water, traveling thousands of miles every year. Female sea turtles return to the … Continued

Best Luxury Villa Rentals in St John USVI

Visitors flock to St. John USVI only for one reason – to explore the natural bounty and the unspoiled beauty. There is quite a lot of fun stuff to get involved. Hiking, snorkeling or horseback riding – it’s just up for grab! But during your stay, all those fun stuff means nothing without a luxurious … Continued

St John USVI Rentals

Are you planning to take a vacation or even a longer sabbatical? Want to break the monotony of your day to day life? We know that the Virgin Islands can be an exciting destination to break the shackle. You are free to reserve your most desired spot on our lovely island for a set period … Continued

Where To Stay In St John USVI

When we think of the most tranquil island on this planet, St. John comes to mind! Here in virgin islands, the spectacles of nature unravel the authentic beauty. For a supreme Caribbean vacation, St. John USVI is just unparallel! Known for its unspoiled landscapes, scenic views, and crystal clear waters. This peninsula offers pristine retreats … Continued

Flight Deals

Find flight deals to St. John and visit St. John this month! These non-stop flights from popular US cities to Cyril E. King International Airport on St. Thomas (STT) offer the lowest fares to St. John: FROM AIRLINE(S) HRS ATL Atlanta Delta, Spirit 3.39 AGS Augusta GA American, Delta 3.83 CLT Charlotte NC American 3.37 STX St. Croix … Continued

8Tuff Miles 2019

The popular 8Tuff Miles foot race across St. John is back on the schedule! An unofficial race was held in 2018 after the storms, and now 2019 marks the official comeback year. Register for 8-Tuff here! If you haven’t yet experienced this amazing trek, we encourage you to consider a visit over February 23, 2019. … Continued

ACC Gala Fundraiser 2019

The island’s love for animals is on display whenever the local animal shelter has a fundraiser. The Animal Care Center (ACC) of St. John holds a winter gala fundraiser each year and this year the theme is The Great Catsby. Join the fun at 6pm on February 9, 2019 as the party goes back in … Continued

St. John Weather

Wondering what St. John weather is like? For a small island at latitude 18°N, longitude 64° W, what can you expect when you visit? Although St. John sits close to the earth’s equator, a steady stream of easterly winds (aka the trade winds) keeps us relatively cool throughout the year. While our cousins up north … Continued