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St John Island’s Reef Bay Sugar Factory

Reef Bay Sugar Factory Historic District is a historic section of Saint John, United States Virgin Islands located on the south central coast adjacent to Reef Bay. The land is the site of an acient sugar factory. The property was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places on July 23, 1981. The first … Continued

Full Moon Schedule 2014

Full Moon Year Date Time Day Wolf Moon 2014 Jan 16 04:52 Thu Snow Moon 2014 Feb 14 23:53 Fri Worm Moon 2014 Mar 16 17:09 Sun Pink Moon 2014 Apr 15 07:42 Tue Flower Moon 2014 May 14 19:16 Wed Strawberry Moon 2014 Jun 13 04:11 Fri Buck Moon 2014 Jul 12 11:25 Sat … Continued

St. John Travel Quick Links

Vacation in St. John, US Virgin Islands Where to Stay on St. John Where to Stay in Coral Bay St. John Windspree Vacation Rental Villa Video Tours Windspree Vacation Rental Villa Availability Calendar Holidays & Events in the US Virgin Islands How to Get to St. John Planning the Perfect Escape Fly Nonstop to STT … Continued

Summer Weather on St. John

While summer heat blazes most of the United States during the brutal hot and humid months of Summer, it may surprise  you to know that St. John and much of the Caribbean continues to experience the cooling trade winds, making May through August simply delightful. While the risk of hurricanes rises starting June 1, the weather across … Continued

What to Do in Coral Bay Today

What to Do In Coral Bay Today EXPLORE! Make friends with the Coral Bay wildlife Hike Ram’s Head on the full moon Hike down Reef Bay trail with the affordable National Park guided tour and get a boat ride home Hike dozens of well-maintained trails Hike Reef Bay trail after a rain and see waterfalls     Take the Brown Bay trail or hoof … Continued

Little Lameshur Bay

Little Lameshur Bay Less than a quarter mile down the road from Great Lameshur Bay is a small sandy beach oasis prized by locals as the end of the road.      From Little Lameshur the adventurous can hike up Bordeaux mountain trail passed the ranger station, or continue on foot westward to Europa and Reef Bay.      

Things to Do on St. John

Here at Windspree Vacation Homes, we not only offer luxurious St. John vacation rentals, we offer exclusive insider info on all the exciting things to do on St. John during your stay. Whether you’re here on family vacation, a group trip with friends, your honeymoon, or a solitary, unplugged retreat, there are endless possibilities for an unforgettable experience … Continued

Salt Pond Bay

About as far away from Cruz Bay as you can get on St. John, Salt Pond Bay sits on the eastern side of the southern tip of Coral Bay. Accessible by only one road, visitors swarm to Salt Pond in-season for it’s natural setting and multiple activity options. A small parking lot sits right off … Continued

Hike Ram’s Head Trail on St. John

Grab at least a half gallon of water and suit up with sunscreen for your scenic and heart pumping hike of Ram’s Head trail from Salt Pond Bay. This well maintained, yet lightly traveled, national park hiking trail follows the rocky shoreline with moderate incline. Take the mile long trail to the end and enjoy … Continued

Hike Estate Fortsberg

An area on the map as well as the name of a popular Windspree rental villa, both Estate Fortsbergs are worth checking out.   The private villa of Estate Fortsberg is surrounded by national park land. The area and ruins of Estate Fortsberg are an 18th-century citadel fortress.  Erected in 1717, Fortsberg was also the site … Continued