Secret Snorkel Spot

St. John has many awesome spots to snorkel. A few, however, are known only to local residents, so we thought we’d offer an underwater tip out to anyone visiting the island and looking for an unadvertised adventure. Go East. With that hint, some of you may already know where we’re headed! Most visitors will travel … Continued

The Amazing Parrotfish

Did you know that there are over 90 different species of Parrotfish around the world? One of the most decorative is the Rainbow Parrotfish, prevalent on St. John and adored by snorkelers. Found in relatively shallow tropical and subtropical oceans (like St. John), nearly all species of parrotfish are sequential hermaphrodites. In other words, they … Continued

Great Lameshur Bay

Over the hill and through the woods, to Great Lameshur Bay you go!  4-wheel drives only, this vast rocky Caribbean beach with small shell treasures all along the shoreline is a hidden gem to those who love exploring and great snorkeling. Between Great and Little Lameshur bays is home to the original underwater Tektite Habitat … Continued

Full Moon Schedule for St. John, US Virgin Islands

2013 Full Moon Schedule for St John US Virgin Islands Year Month Day Time Day of Week 2013 Jan 27 05:38 Sun 2013 Feb 25 21:26 Mon 2013 Mar 27 10:27 Wed 2013 Apr 25 21:57 Thu 2013 May 25 06:25 Sat 2013 Jun 23 13:32 Sun 2013 Jul 22 10:15 Mon 2013 Aug 21 … Continued

Hermit Crab Migration on St John Island

Each year on St. John hundreds of thousands of hermit crabs – known in the islands as soldier crabs – descend from the mountains and congregate near the water’s edge, awaiting some unknown cue to all head into the water to lay their eggs.  A scientist in Australia explains the reason for the soldier crabs’ … Continued

Discover St. Johns Reef Bay Petroglyphs

The famous St. John petroglyphs are located at the upper waterfall in the Reef Bay valley, just off the Reef Bay trail in the Virgin Islands National Park.  Studied by archeologists for decades, the petroglyphs are rock carvings made by Taino indians as early as 500 AD.           The carvings, also found along the … Continued

Discover Reef Bay Waterfalls on St John VI

While it doesn’t rain often on St. John, savvy nature lovers know to head to the Reef Bay hiking trail in the VI National Park when it does.  The trail begins at Centerline Rd. (marked with a sign, halfway between Cruz Bay and Coral Bay) and brings hikers through 3 miles of rocky trails before reaching the water.  The … Continued

Hike to Brown Bay on St John VI

Discover Brown Bay, a hideaway in the VI National Park, prized for its natural beauty and privacy. Brown Bay is actually on the north shore of St. John, yet accesible from trails on both the north and south sides. The Brown Bay access trail on the south side is a mile past Skinny Legs in Coral Bay, directly off … Continued

St John Island’s Reef Bay Sugar Factory

Reef Bay Sugar Factory Historic District is a historic section of Saint John, United States Virgin Islands located on the south central coast adjacent to Reef Bay. The land is the site of an acient sugar factory. The property was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places on July 23, 1981. The first … Continued

Full Moon Schedule 2014

Full Moon Year Date Time Day Wolf Moon 2014 Jan 16 04:52 Thu Snow Moon 2014 Feb 14 23:53 Fri Worm Moon 2014 Mar 16 17:09 Sun Pink Moon 2014 Apr 15 07:42 Tue Flower Moon 2014 May 14 19:16 Wed Strawberry Moon 2014 Jun 13 04:11 Fri Buck Moon 2014 Jul 12 11:25 Sat … Continued

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