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Coral Bay #1 Place to Visit in the US

The New York Times recently ranked the Top 52 Places to Visit for 2016 and our very own Coral Bay came in 4th of all the world, and #1 among US destinations. Pretty nice! But not surprising.               The quiet east side of St. John island has been the perfect getaway for many. … Continued

Donkeys in Coral Bay

Wild donkeys on St. John roam the roads and wooded areas in and around Coral Bay, the less developed, quiet side of the island. After so many photographs, these asses take it all in stride.     Donkeys on St. John are beautiful, and wild, so please do not pet or feed them! It is believed … Continued

Top 5 Reasons St. John Beaches are the Best in the Caribbean

On St. John, beaches are taken seriously.  With hundreds of gloriously secluded nooks to choose from, there is no doubt  – and countless magazines and visitors agree – that St. John has the best beaches in the Caribbean. #5 National Park St. John is an American paradise, located in the U.S. Virgin Islands. And while it is the smallest of … Continued

National Park Hiking Trail Map for St. John US Virgin Islands

Hiking on St John is a great way to see the Virgin Islands. There are a total of 22 hiking trails to choose from.  Before you head out, pack a map, plenty of water, and sunscreen.  It’s always a good idea to notify a friend that you’ll be out hiking, just in case of emergency.  … Continued

Full Moon Schedule

Celebrate the full moon from Coral Bay, St. John in the US Virgin Islands! Below is a full moon calendar for 2017. Full moons are a great time to hike Rams Head, take a moonlight kayak or SUP trip, or visit Miss Lucy’s for their full moon party. Fourteen days after each full moon is … Continued

USVI Holidays & Events

USVI Holidays & Events Visiting St. John This Week? See What’s Happening! 2020 JANUARY January 1 New Year’s Day January 6 Three King’s Day (Epiphany) January 10 Full moon January 20 Martin Luther King Day January 24 New moon January 25 Chinese New Year – Rat FEBRUARY February 2 Super Bowl 51 at Skinny Legs February 9 Full Moon February 14 Valentine’s Day … Continued

Great Lameshur Bay

Great Lameshur Bay Over the hill and through the woods, to Great Lameshur Bay you go!  4-wheel drives only, this vast rocky Caribbean beach with small shell treasures all along the shoreline was home to the original underwater Tektite Habitat in 1969.  Read more about the Tektite program at the St. John Historical Society website.  … Continued