The Amazing Parrotfish

Did you know that there are over 90 different species of Parrotfish around the world? One of the most decorative is the Rainbow Parrotfish, prevalent on St. John and adored by snorkelers. Found in relatively shallow tropical and subtropical oceans (like St. John), nearly all species of parrotfish are sequential hermaphrodites. In other words, they … Continued

Plastic Straws Suck

St. John In the News The most prevalent items among flotsam & jetsam are plastic cups and straws? While plastic will eventually break apart into minuscule pieces, it never fully biodegrades. Plastic will exist on this earth in some capacity long after we are all dust, and single-use, “disposable” plastics are the worst offenders. These … Continued

Great Lameshur Bay

Over the hill and through the woods, to Great Lameshur Bay you go!  4-wheel drives only, this vast rocky Caribbean beach with small shell treasures all along the shoreline is a hidden gem to those who love exploring and great snorkeling. Between Great and Little Lameshur bays is home to the original underwater Tektite Habitat … Continued

Hermit Crab Migration on St John Island

Each year on St. John hundreds of thousands of hermit crabs – known in the islands as soldier crabs – descend from the mountains and congregate near the water’s edge, awaiting some unknown cue to all head into the water to lay their eggs.  A scientist in Australia explains the reason for the soldier crabs’ … Continued

Discover St. Johns Reef Bay Petroglyphs

The famous St. John petroglyphs are located at the upper waterfall in the Reef Bay valley, just off the Reef Bay trail in the Virgin Islands National Park.  Studied by archeologists for decades, the petroglyphs are rock carvings made by Taino indians as early as 500 AD.           The carvings, also found along the … Continued

Hike to Brown Bay on St John VI

Discover Brown Bay, a hideaway in the VI National Park, prized for its natural beauty and privacy. Brown Bay is actually on the north shore of St. John, yet accesible from trails on both the north and south sides. The Brown Bay access trail on the south side is a mile past Skinny Legs in Coral Bay, directly off … Continued

St. John Spa Day Essentials

What’s so special about another beach day, you say? Fear not, my friend, what awaits you is a Salt Pond Spa Day! Pluck an aloe stalk from the side of the road and be sure to remember plenty of drinking water and a towel before heading out. A healthy quarter mile hike down to the … Continued

Re-Marry Your Mate in Love City St. John

Every year on Valentine’s Day Love City stays true to its name during the annual vow renewal ceremony performed by Rev. Anne Marie Porter of St. John Weddings.  The casual, moving service is held just before dusk on often-photographed Trunk Bay beach.  In the heart of the Virgin Islands National Park, it’s hard to imagine a … Continued

St. John Vow Renewal Ceremony

St. John (a.k.a. Love City) is appropriately named, especially on February 14th.  For the 13th year in a row, hundreds descended upon Trunk Bay beach in the Virgin Islands National Park on Valentine’s Day to renew their marriage vows. Local photographer Yelena Rogers captured the spirit of the day perfectly! Sponsored and hosted by St. John’s Barefoot Minister, … Continued

Sargassum Weed

Every year, usually in the summer months, large chunks of seaweed unleash from the floor of the Sargasso Sea (an area of the Atlantic that makes up part of the Bermuda Triangle) and heads to the Caribbean. Ocean currents carry Sargassum weed as far as the northern Gulf of Mexico, where it accumulates in shallow … Continued

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