There’s a new mask in town and it’s pretty different than what we’re used to. The “full face” snorkel mask showed-up on a few heads 3-4 years ago and has proven to be more than a passing fad. Early adopters did experience some setbacks, namely leakage and the inability to dive below the surface while wearing one. But despite these seemingly unacceptable features, the full-face snorkel mask has prevailed and today represents nearly 50% of all snorkel rentals.

Any kind of water activity comes with an element of risk. Stay alert. Stay afloat.

Give the full-face snorkel mask a try if…

  • You’ve never snorkeled before
  • You are a nose breather
  • You have a lot of facial hair
  • Your jaw gets fatigued from a traditional snorkel
  • You just can’t deal with a foggy mask
  • Having an unobstructed 180 degree view is very important to you
  • The water you’re in is wavy/not flat
  • You have no interest in diving below the surface of the water
  • You’re renting equipment or have plenty of luggage space to bring your own

The biggest concern of a full-face snorkel mask (air quality/breathing too much CO2) can be addressed by going with a trusted, name-brand product and following the directions provided.

Stick with the traditional mask + snorkel if…

  • You panic in the water easily (traditional masks are easier to clear)
  • You can breathe solely through your mouth
  • You know how to de-fog your mask
  • You like to dive below the water’s surface while snorkeling
  • You like to travel with your own equipment
  • You’re probably going to get sand on it

For more information and reviews not full-face snorkel masks, checkout this informative website.

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