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Celebrate Labor Day in Coral Bay on September 4, 2017 @ Oasis & Pickles. *Parade Starts at Noon*Coral-Bay-Labor-Day-Parade

For more than 40 years the Coral Bay Labor Day Parade has been a community tradition.  This year the parade kicks-off around noon and starts at Oasis Bar & Grill in Coral Bay (across from Island Blues, before Coccoloba shopping complex) and ends a quarter mile around the corner on Route 10 at the Fire Station. The parade is followed by food, live music and a motorocycle & car show.coral-bay-labor-day-parade2

The Virgin Island Daily News from August 25, 1972 included a notice to residents on page 4 that said “The St. John Celebration Committe invites the public to enjoy special events planned for Coral Bay on Labor Day.  A parade with Coral Bay’s own wayne-clendeninprince and princess, Miss St. John, Joycelyn Jacobs and various troupes and floats will take place in the morning.  Goat races will be a major event of the day.  Foot races for children, soft ball for regulars and a cricket match for the oldtimers promise to keep all ages active. A fair is planned to exhibit some of St. John’s finest plants, animals, food products and handicrafts.  Afternoon boat races across Coral Harbor are also planned.  The advertisement from the Celebration Committee reads: ‘To enjoy all these events and more, with booths and music galore, in beautiful Coral Bay, for a labor-free Labor Day!'”






A more timely post on AOL’s Travel website calls the festivities a “short but fun parade” and goes on to claim it’s “one of the island’s most disorganized events.” 

Hooray, Coral Bay!  

For pictures of prior year’s Labor Day parades, click here.

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