St. John is home to many fascinating critters, including some of the oldest known animals on earth. Crustaceans are invertebrates that live in the world between land and sea. Dating back more than 500 million years, common crustaceans today include crabs, lobsters, and shrimp.


All crustaceans have a hard exoskeleton that provides protection from predators and water storage. Exoskeletons don’t grow like bones and skin do, so they molt. Molting is when a soft exoskeleton forms underneath the old one in order to keep protecting the crustacean. Molting is a vulnerable time for these guys.

Did you know whales eat crustaceans? 

Some crustaceans like crabs and lobsters are predators, and can make a delicious entree. Other crustaceans feed on dead organisms. We won’t be serving those. 

For more information about these amazing creatures, visit https://www.whalefacts.org/crustacean-facts/ 

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