A baby burro… burrito?

St. John’s donkeys are doing great. The iconic island jackasses are standing tall, eating well, and producing offspring. A new foal has been showing up every few months or so, wearing his or her young fuzzy outfit. Is a baby burro a burrito?

Right now a bevy of beloved jacks and jennys are waiting patiently by the roadside for visitors to peer out their jeep windows. You may have seen them. And you may have noticed a couple that didn’t look quite like the others. Take a closer look and well, they’ve got some lumpy backs. “What is that?” you wonder.

I smell pastry.

The tale of the bumpy burros began in 2014. Concerned citizens and a determined reporter ultimately discovered that the donkeys had acquired the fatty deposits after months of chowing on old pastries. As the story goes, resort staff member and donkey lover Oriel Smith had been redirecting the butter laden baked goods from their dumpster destiny to the asses. Literally.

[Insert your own joke here]

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