If you haven’t hiked to Salt Pond, it’s a classic and highly recommended. On the Southern point of St John’s Coral Bay side there exists a different world where lots of adventure awaits. It is a quiet part of the island where one can get lost in their thoughts and the beauty of their surroundings. The trail head begins about three miles outside of Coral Bay harbor. The drive takes you past Aqua Bistro, past Miss Lucy’s and to a dirt parking lot on the left with a bus stop. As you make the drive you will notice the flora getting shorter and more like scrub. The area is entirely indigenous. It is the only place on St John where no invasive species grow. The hike down to beautiful Salt Pond Bay is about 10-15 minutes. It is a fairly easy walk, though uneven and rocky in spots. We recommend bringing only what you can comfortably carry (water being the most critical) + wearing footwear. Once on the beach you can choose to hang out there or continue your exploration. There are two trails that begin on the opposite side of the beach. Take a right and you will begin your ascend to Ram Head. More sturdy footwear is required for this adventure. And bring water, lots of water. At The end is a 100 foot drop off where it is recorded that slaves jumped to their death rather than be captured at the end of the revolt of 1733. Avid hikers also hike out during the full moon as there is no vegetation coverage and the visibility is good. Hikers are encouraged to bring a flashlight just in case and never hike alone.

At the end of the beach you can also choose to go left. You will immediately see where Salt Pond got its name because there is a pond with brackish water that during the dry season grows salt crystals. Depending on the weather, the pond can be a bright orange, red, brown or even black. When the weather is right salt can be harvested and eaten. The trail wraps around the pond and ends at one of the most majestic places on the island, Drunk Bay.

Whimsical beach sculptures made from stacked coral depict people and animals lounging on the rocks at Drunk Bay Beach near Coral Bay, St. John, USVI.


The wind and waves captivate you as you stand on the rocky shore. Lying about are coral and rock people; creations inspired by visiting hikers. The best part of a Salt Pond adventure is walking back to the beach and diving into the clear teal water or taking a snorkel around the rocks. Bring a picnic, don’t forget your reef safe sunscreen and make a day of it.

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  1. Love Salt Pond along with all the Cacti on the trail to drunk bay.
    The beach area has a little shade if you get there early before it’s taken also the snorkeling is great for turtles and last July 2018 a big pod of squid
    Turtles in the grass area and plenty of fish around the left corner where it drops off.

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