silvercloudBuilt in early 1899 in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Silver Cloud (originally christened Helen S) has spent time as a much needed pilot boat in rough weather, a fire boat during WWI and WWII, and even a sunken ship in the 1950’s.

She was raised in the 1960’s by a christian missionary and served many years running eyeglasses and supplies for ministries between Canada and Haiti.  Eventually the fated Helen S. fell into the hands of drug smugglers in Bahamas and was abandoned once more. The Coast Guard towed her to Florida, where Elliot Hooper was unknowingly waiting for his fateful ship.

The year was 1987 when Key West resident, t-shirt printer and island trader Elliot Hooper found his match in the 110-foot iron schooner.  For $5000 and a bottle of rum, Hooper deemed her a proper schooner for the trading company of his dreams. With a greyhound bus motor as the engine, Elliot set sail for St. John on newly named “Silver Cloud”.  Today Elliot attends to the mighty beauty, seen floating peacefully in Coral Bay harbor, occasionally offering lucky folks a trip they will never forget.

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  1. Hi Elliot, I’ve had the pleasure of sailing on the Silver Cloud many times … good times were had by all … wish I was there now to humbly ask for a sailing adventure … the ship Silver Cloud and the Captain Elliot Hooper are both very gracious hosts. Best wishes to them both and THANK YOU for all of the wonderful memories!
    Kathy Fretham

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