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Lime Out opened March 12, 2019!

After many months of hard work “Lime Inn” has opened “Lime Out”.  It is located on East end of St John.  The floating business will be open Tuesday thru Sunday 11:30 am to 5 pm – Cell 340-643-5333.  Head out by boat, sail or paddle for a great lunch, snack or ice-cold drinks. Their new location has an array of delicious tacos and tasty fresh juice cocktails. You are welcome to bring your own cup for your drink of choice. There is a great selection of hats, shirts and insulated cups for sale. The owners have done a fabulous job building their business with careful thought about how it would impact the eco system. Lifelong residents Richard, Chelsea, Dane and Valerie invited the community to an open forum where they explained all the ways that they will be implementing sustainable and eco-friendly practices such as 100% solar power, only reusable cups and utensils, and reef safe mooring. The response from the community and visitors has been overwhelmingly positive.                        

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