Windspree is not in the insurance industry (thank goodness) but we are in the travel industry and helping visitors have the best experience possible is our goal. Sometimes trip planning can include more than booking a kayak tour or deciding what beaches to visit. Preparing for the “what ifs” can be arduous and often overlooked when gearing up for fun and adventure. With our experience over the years of rebuilding after devastating weather events, we have become keen pursuers of ways in which we can prepare our guests for unexpected travel interruptions. We have some recommendations that will ease any worry over losing your travel investment.

There are various types of travel insurance that cover a wide range of mishaps. From injury to medical insurance to lost luggage, it is important for you to decide what coverage is right for you. The most critical coverage for travel to the Virgin Islands is cancellation insurance, especially if you plan to visit during the Summer and Fall.

First, check with your insurance company at home and see what type of travel insurance they offer. Contact your credit card company as many credit cards offer travel insurance as an added benefit. If neither option works, an independent travel insurance company can be used. It is surprisingly inexpensive and can potentially save you thousands. Be sure to ask what it covers. Find out what circumstances will exclude you from filing a claim. Let them know that weather related cancellations are the most common. Don’t forget to include ALL of your costs including rental car, charters or activities, flights and accommodations when getting your quote.

We at Windspree Vacation Homes wish you a smooth and unforgettable vacation that allows you to be relaxed and carefree. Discussing insurance while booking a St. John villa may have never entered your thoughts, but preparation will provide peace of mind. Please feel free to ask Windspree reservationists for further assistance in your search for the right travel insurance. For information about our policies click here.

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