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What is the difference between light and dark rum, anyway?

  • Real rum begins as sugarcane that is then distilled.
  • The color of rum comes from the ingredients and the aging process.
  • Dark rum is aged in oak barrels while light rum is not.
  • Dark rum may also have burnt sugar or caramel added for color.
  • Rum, both light + dark, typically has a high alcohol content (e.g., 40% Alcohol by Volume)
  • Both light + dark rum have similar calorie content.
  • Dark rum contains more antioxidants.
  • Light rum is sometimes referred to as silver or white rum.
  • Dark rum has a deep rich flavor.
  • Light rum has a milder and sometimes sweeter taste.
  • Dark rum is often consumed straight or used in cooking.
  • Light rum is best for mixed drinks.Read about our local spirit from St. Croix, Cruzan Rum.


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