Sea anemones are animals that live in the ocean and are closely related to corals and jellyfish in the group Cnidarians, all of which have stinging cells used for protection and to capture prey. Sea anemones sometimes attach themselves to hard surfaces, likes rocks or boulders, while others burrow into sand or mud on the sea floor.

There are many different species of sea anemones and they reproduce differently. Some anemones, like beadlet and daisy anemones, are vivaporous, which means they reproduce through internal fertilization (like humans) and produce full formed young anemones from their mouths (not like humans). Many anemones reproduce asexually, while others use a method of duplication called longitudinal fission or basal laceration. None of them sound very sexy to us.

Sea anemones can be found in oceans all over the world, though temperate waters like that of the Caribbean support dozens of anemone species. The largest sea anemones can grow up to 3-feet long, though most are no smaller than a foot.

Did you know…

  • Some anemones glow fluorescent green under ultra violet light.
  • Anemones can clone themselves
  • Fish, and shrimps, can often be found hiding from predators inside the floating tentacles of anemones.
  • The mouth of sea anemones is also their bottom!
  • Some sea anemones can live upwards of 80 years
  • Some anemones have tiny algae living inside them, allowing them to obtain extra energy from the sun

Sea anemones typically feed themselves by catching passing plankton, crabs & small fish with their tentacles. Anemones have rings of tentacles around their mouth that have special stinging cells to stun and immobilize their prey before eating them for lunch.

While they can move, most sea anemones only glide slowly along the bottom when seeking to reattach somewhere else.

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