The sound of seagulls around St. John is a seasonal joy from about May to September.  The pelicans, who reside here all year, look like they could do without the annual visit from these flighty guests. Laughing gulls in particular will gang-up and hover over, around, and even on the pelicans while they eat. Before a pelican can clap its big beak closed and down its dinner, seagulls are there.

Seagulls in the Caribbean will also forage almost anywhere, but stealing from the placid pelicans seems to be an easier choice.  Like the pelicans, seagulls nest on land, sleep at night, and share parenting duties.  Seagulls also can be found sleeping on the water if the sea is calm. Seagulls also are monogamous, mate for life, and travel and breed in colonies for protection.
Seagulls of Summer
More cool facts about seagulls!

  • Seagulls can survive drinking salt water
  • Seagulls can see better than we do
  • Seagulls use tools to hunt and eat
  • Seagulls communicate using a complex system of vocalizations and body movements

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