mangroves_underwaterSnorkeling the mangroves in Coral Bay is far more exciting than it sounds.  What you may think is a muggy and murky experience is actually one of great color and texture, and includes lots of miniature fish.






In bays like Hurricane Hole off Coral Bay, the mangroves thrive in what is called a fringe forest, where they grow along a narrow, partially submerged shelf between the bay and the hillside. Because the mangroves in a fringe forest are confined to a narrow shelf of land, there is less organic debris to create a foul stench or foster abundant insects.





mangrove-fishWhile snorkeling the mangroves you’ll experience a wonder of color and textures, as well as the tiniest fish you’ve ever seen, including: mini grunts, blue tang, yellowtails, angelfish, parrotfish and more.  The shallow water and roots offer the little guys protection from larger fish, as well as nutrients to grow.  Teeny corals, sponges, crabs, conchs and lobsters make snorkeling the mangroves a true adventure you won’t want to miss on your next Coral Bay vacation.

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