St John house rentals in the US Virgin Islands

A holiday in the Caribbean’s St. John Island might be what you’re looking for. In addition to the breathtaking scenery, Windspree Vacation Homes is committed to ensuring you spend your night in the best St John house rentals in the US Virgin Islands. Our villas are comfortable and well maintained. They are located in the most secure neighborhoods of the Island.

The warm weather, the sandy beaches, the cool breeze, and the surrounding green forest vegetation will fascinate you. Our St John house rentals in the US Virgin Islands offer some of the most spectacular views from the comfort of your villa. And the weather in St John Island is warm throughout the year even during the rainy seasons.

Top Beach Destinations for Your Holiday

With numerous activities to keep you busy throughout the holiday, St. John Island attracts thousands of tourists each year. If you are not a fan of hiking or jungle adventure, there are several beaches that you can visit for deep sea diving, snorkeling, and boat sailing.

Some popular beaches include:

Trunk Bay

This beach is famous for its snow-like white sands, and clear blue seawater. Trunk Bay is the perfect place to relax, swim, bask in the sun, and appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature. If you enjoy snorkeling, this bay is rich in diverse fish species and coral vegetation. There is also plenty of parking space and taxis on standby, unlike other beaches.

Maho Beach

This beach is a 15-minute ride from the ferry. There are plenty of parking spaces too. Enjoy swimming with the turtles, and if you are lucky, you will spot a deer and wild donkeys. The beach is not crowded. After a fun-filled day, retire to your cozy St John house rentals in the US Virgin Islands and enjoy a warm meal with your loved ones.

Our Top Three Accommodation Villas in st john virgin islands rentals

Lille Paradis

st john virgin islands rentals Lille Paradis Pool Deck

This lovely rental home is a little paradise of its own. For a romantic getaway with your partner, this vacation home is perfect for you. Wake up to a spectacular sunrise with the warm sun rays penetrating right into the bedroom.

The home is cozy, and you can enjoy the view of the Caribbean island from the balcony. These St John house rentals in the US Virgin Islands will also make you fall in love with nature. In Lille Paradis, marvel at the mountains surrounded by lush green vegetation coupled with the deep blue ocean waters that are visible from a distance.

Villa Ventosa

virgin islands rentals VillaVentosa ExteriorYet another beautiful St John house rentals in the US Virgin Islands located in the peaceful neighborhood of Calabash Boom, Villa Ventosa can accommodate up to six guests making it the ideal vacation home for your annual family vacation.

After an exciting day at the beach snorkeling, Villa Ventosa is the perfect place to relax. It is one of the most spacious St John house rentals in the US Virgin Islands for you and your team.

Additionally, this holiday home has excellent outdoor space for group gatherings and barbeques as you enjoy the magnificent view of the ocean and the sailing boats.

Estate Fortsberg

best st john virgin islands rentalsThe most anticipated holidays are right around the corner. Book your stay during Thanksgiving holiday, Christmas, and New Year’s holiday in our St John house rentals in the US Virgin Islands. Estate Fortsberg villa is quite affordable and spacious. It can accommodate up to eight guests.

The villa is situated next to the beach for you to enjoy the vast ocean views from inside. Sunset views are also amazing from most of our St John house rentals in the US Virgin Islands, including Estate Fortsberg.

The Cuisine

While staying in Our St John House Rentals in The US Virgin Islands, below are some popular Caribbean cuisines for you to try:

Jerk Chicken

The jerk chicken is a favorite in Jamaica and Barbados. On St. John, the chicken is prepared slightly different; they include various spices in the list of ingredients. It is also spicy and hot, but the tenderness of the chicken makes you forget the heat. After an overnight marinade, the chicken is transferred to a pan where it is slowly cooked to retain the succulent juices.

Seasoned Rice

Rice might be considered a simple food but not in the Caribbean. Each island has its unique way of preparing rice. In St. John, they add coconut cream, spices, and beans to the rice.

Seafood grill

The Caribbean island is popular for a variety of freshly grilled seafood. Grilled squid, lobster, crabs, and pan-fried shark are quite popular.

Montserrat’s goat stew

This dish is a favorite in St. Nevis and Kitts. It is a national dish made with ripe tomatoes, dumplings, and papaya. It is a simple meal yet delicious. Hire a chef to make it for you as you relax in your villas accommodations in Virgin Island.

Fried snapper fish

Snapper is a common fish in the Caribbean island. The locals marinate it with spices and herbs before deep-frying. The fish is served with plantains or white rice.

Curried Chicken

Curries are common in the Caribbean, and chicken is St. John’s favorite. However, curried fish and seafood are also quite popular.

If you’d rather stick to what you know, several restaurants within the island offer international cuisines. Alternatively, prepare a hearty home-cooked meal in any of our St John house rentals in the US Virgin Islands.

The St John Island is the perfect place to celebrate your birthday, anniversary, honeymoon, or even usher in the New Year. At Windspree st john virgin islands rentals, we are determined to give you a memorable experience, and we will ensure your stay in our St John house rentals in the US Virgin Islands is pleasant. Feel free to call us today and make your reservation.

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