Are you planning to take a long-term sabbatical? Want to break the monotony of your day to day life? We all know that the Virgin Islands can be an exciting destination to break the shackle. If you can afford, it’s always a good idea to look for long-term rental schemes. It’s the only way to claim your firm foot into nature’s unruffled beauty. Besides, you are free to reserve your most desired spot into that lovely island for a certain period. The good news is: St John USVI long term rentals have never been so smooth and easy!


You don’t have to worry about the extravagant costs, hidden price (and all that stuff!). Windspree has taken care of that already for their esteemed clients. Just contact them for all the queries. When it comes to long-term rentals st john USVI, the Windspree has various types of winning deals all over the years. So, it’s no matter what the current season is – always the affordable price right off the bat! Currently, Windspree is offering some of the villas for long term rent in st john USVI.


Let’s find your sweet spot for St John USVI Long Term Rentals


1. Villa Solemare :

villa solemare
Do you want a kiss from the sun and by the sea? Villa Solemare can arrange that for you. The most gracious luxury vacation rentals. This villa can be your ultimate destination for the long-term get-away. Treat yourself with Mediterranean-inspired charm!


Practically, you are quite a few minutes away from all the fantastic sandy beaches. Or you can seek refuge around your infinity edge poolside; free from the sand flies and blowing dust. This villa will tuck you into your own quiet – just near the hillside. Laze around and enjoy the sublime sunsets with your beloved ones. This experience will imprint a long-lasting memory in your mind.


2. Coral Bay Vista :

coral bay vista
Make your morning memorable with the magnificent ocean view! Coral Bay Vista is the place where the Mother nature and the human hand-crafting meet together. It has to offer the traditional Caribbean style. Enjoy the gorgeous views of Coral Bay and beyond to the British Virgin Islands.


Do you connect to engage with the rest of the world? They’ve all the amenities of home including wireless internet. This villa has all the modern facilities at your fingertip. Keep listening to the bananaquits and chorus of treefrogs whenever you want.
Are you feeling the urge to embrace the mother nature? The nearby gardens are home to mature guava, berry and papaya trees, and the kitchen garden boasts native herbs including oregano and rosemary. Need I say more?


3. Sea Cottage :

Sea Cottage
A million-dollar view ready to welcome you! One of the romantic cottage overlooking the turquoise Caribbean waters of the Sir Francis Drake channel. Wish to enjoy the mother nature on foot? The Bordeaux Mountain trailhead in the Virgin Islands National Park is only a short hike away. This trail will lead you to the Lameshur Bay on the south side of the island.


Do a deep dive from the everyday hustle and bustle. The view from the porch is breathtaking. Chances are, you won’t forget the paved way of Bordeaux Mountain Road – for a long time. It’s a lifetime opportunity to get lost into the lush and fragrant bay rum forest with your companions.


4. Mooncottage :

A magical ambiance awaits for you! Are you looking for a fabulous cottage experience? In that case, “Mooncottage” is ready – waiting for your reservation call! It’s one of the flagship Caribbean cottage you can experience for a longer period. Spectacular ocean views are the traction point you can’t resist. Ideal for the daytime siesta in a very private way.


Wish to be sans clothes or make love all afternoon? A flaring thought, isn’t it? No one will bother you here inside the cottage. This aspect is one of the reasons why it’s one of the best couples destinations for a more extended period.


5. Teahouse Treehouse :

Teahouse Treehouse for St John USVI Long Term Rentals
This treehouse is one of the places with simple rural structures and redefined look. If that’s what you are looking for, then “Teahouse Treehouse” is the place where you need to check in. It’s the nature’s splendor with elegant surroundings. No doubt one of the most delicate luxury villa in the middle of the Caribbean.


This treehouse seamlessly blends the inside with the outside. 75% of the house can be opened up. Just do it at your whim anytime. Flee away from your home with your beloved ones. Come here and nestle in the trees for an intimate life-experience.


And these villas are just a few of them – among so many others around! Windspree is committed to placing you into the most imagined spot, you deserve. Let Windspree take care of all the travel nitty-gritty, and you start planning the upcoming vacation. So, it is time for you to roam free and get lost in the middle of the virgin islands. Start picking the right villa that has come close so far to accommodate your imagination. Call Windspree and make a piece with st john USVI long term rentals for this current and the upcoming season.


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