With or without railings, that view is still just as amazing.

Hurricanes Irma and Maria did a number on the homes and businesses throughout St. John in September 2017 and unfortunately Villa La Mer in Coral Bay was not overlooked. Although damage was significant, the beloved rental villa was not beyond repair!

A few days ago we stood on the deck of La Mer with owners Tom and Renee. While we looked down the side of the mountain,  Tom pointed out house after house that were no longer there.

Villa La Mer gets a new pool deck.

He looked back at his own and expressed gratitude for still having a home; battered but whole.

La Mer’s recovery projects are well underway. Renee was excited to tell us about her ideas to make La Mer even more beautiful! See La Mer under construction in the photos below.

La Mer contractors project list

Projects include new porch roofs, doors, railings (that don’t impede the view), kitchen counters, beds and more. Reservations have been rolling in as visitors become aware that La Mer vacation villa is available to rent. We are eager to show you the new Villa La Mer!

The view from La Mer’s master bedroom.

If you’ve been to Villa La Mer you’d agree that it is one of the most incredible properties on St John, I’d dare say in the Virgin Islands. The view is captivating. La Mer sits way up high above Coral Bay looking northeast toward Tortola, Norman Island, Peter Island and even as far as Virgin Gorda. One feels like a bird in flight sitting way up there above the world.

Sprawling decks and covered porches provide the ultimate viewing point. Imagine lounging in the pool feeling like a bird and a fish at the same time, ha! It’s thrilling.

When you pull into the driveway of Villa La Mer and you first see the grand circular stone structure, you know you are in for a treat. Walk up a few steps to the main level + look left beyond the pool deck to that amazing view.

Imagine soaping up and looking at that view! Don’t worry, they can’t see you.

Ahead you’ll find the expansive kitchen and great room of La Mer. You have arrived! Out the other side you find a grill and outdoor dining area. More of that view! Beyond is the master bedroom with private balconies and a large private bathroom with huge stone shower.

From the layout to the décor, every detail of La Mer is thoughtfully designed.  Reserve your stay at La Mer, contact Windspree today!

La Mer is getting brand new windows and new paint!
The deck off the great room is getting a new roof and railings
La Mer get’s all new beautiful doors.
Lot’s of work underway
Villa La Mer gets all new porch roofs.
New doors installed that open up to left upper bedroom balcony
A peak at the incredible stone shower
Each bedroom has its own covered balcony. Nice work guys!

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