Whether you have visited St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands before, or if this is your first visit, you are bound to ask yourself what are some of the top things you can do when you get here.

Take a look at the list below. These are some of the things you can do or see while you are on the island:

Young girl swims to her Dad and brother, snorkeling in St. John

  • Take a Cruise or Water Tour
    There are several water tours you can take while you are staying in St. John. Anywhere from chartering a boat to exploring the best of the U.S. Virgin Islands to taking a night tour of the island by kayak. You can also take a tour that will explore the British Virgin Islands – just remember to bring your passport if you do book a tour! 
  • Take a Land Cruise of the Island
    You can take a private or group-guided tour of the island with a St. John local guide. You can visit St. John’s famous beaches and its top tourist attractions including the Annaberg Sugar Plantation.  
  • Take a Hike
    St. John boasts more than 34 hiking trails. Depending on the level of difficulty, adults and children can enjoy their walk on the paths. Some of the paths lead to incredible spots for snorkeling. 
  • Take a Snorkel Sail and Taco Lunch
    This a full day of enjoyment that includes sailing, snorkeling, eating, and drinking. It begins with a continental breakfast on board the boat and a stop at a coral reef where you can snorkel the morning away. You’ll go to Lime Out, the floating taco bar, for lunch with more snorkeling afterward to complete your day before heading back to shore.  
  • Take a Guided Hike and Snorkeling Tour
    Your guided hike will give you information about the U.S. Virgin Islands National Park with regard to flowers, trees, native animals, and its abundant marine life. Your local guide will also snorkel with you and point out what you are seeing during your water tour.  
  • Take Sailing Lessons
    When you visit St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands, you are surrounded by water. Take advantage of the location and take sailing lessons from local sailors.  
  • Rent a Powerboat or Sailboat
    There are powerboats and sailboats available for you to rent for either part of the day or the entire day.  
  • Go Shopping
    St. John has art galleries, numerous specialty gift shops, and shops where you can rent gear, buy groceries, and shop for jewelry.  
  • Go Fishing
    There are group fishing charters you can take or you can charter a private fishing charter for you and your group.  
  • Explore the U.S. Virgin Islands National Park
    The national park encompasses two-thirds of the island and a large section of the water surrounding the island. There are a number of historical sites inside the park for you to explore as well as beautiful beaches and trails for you to hike. There are ranger-led programs that include guided hikes, bird watching, and other options. The park has no entry fee but there are some areas inside the park that charge a small entry fee. 
  • Visit the Annaberg Sugar Plantation Ruins
    The sugar cane industry dominated the island and during that time enslaved people were forced to care for the crops. The plantation ruins are among a number of plantation ruins, but the ones at the Annaberg plantation are well preserved. There are informational signs on the grounds that tell the history of the plantation and the buildings, including the slave quarters that are located there.  Some of the island tours will make a stop at the ruins. 
  • Take a Pottery Class
    The St. John U.S. Virgin Islands Pottery offers a one or two-hour pottery class with projects that will suit all skill levels. 


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