From the southern Atlantic and up to the eastern shores United of the States during the period from June 1 to November 30 is known as Hurricane Season.  Storms brewing in Africa build as they move west across the Atlantic, creating a continual threat of strong winds and storms.  When storms are not around, the weather in the tropics in the Summer months can be quite lovely, with gentle Tradewinds breezes, uncrowded beaches and discounted villa rates.

Here are some weather terms that are good to know if you’re traveling or living in the US Virgin Islands:

Tropical Wave

A low-pressure ripple in tghe easterly winds originating in Afridca which moves westward across the tropical Atlantic to the Caribbean.

Tropical Depression 

A circular pattren of low-pressure over th etrpical Atlantic gthat carries weak winds under 34 miles per hour.
Tropical Storm Winds reaching between 34 and 74 miles per hour are expected in a given area within 24 hours or less

Hurricane Watch

Hurricane conditions are a likely threat within a given area in the next 36 hours.

Hurricane Warning

Winds greater than 74 miles per hour are expected within a given area in the next 24 hours or less,

Storm Surge

The most dangerous part of a hurricane; an area of water that is often 50 to 100 miles wide, that moves across the coastline near the hurricane’s eye, destroying everything in its path. Not fun.

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