Villas Accommodations for Virgin Islands Vacation Rentals:

Where are you headed to for your next holiday? If you are planning to visit the Caribbean islands (and you should by the way), there are a few things you need to know about villas accommodations in Virgin Island. In this article, we shall discuss the best options for you this season, upcoming popular festivities, and what you should consider before booking your villa.

Windspree – Your Best Booking Agent

There are several booking agents in the Caribbean. However, Windspree Vacation Homes tops the list for two main reasons:

They have on the ground representation: In case of anything during your stay, in their villas accommodations in Virgin Island, you will receive immediate help from their professional team of staff.

They arrange more than just accommodation: If you need an excursion, for example, Windspree Vacation Homes will arrange it for you if you book your villas accommodations in Virgin Island with them.

Choosing the Perfect Villa for Your Vacation

There are several Villas accommodations in virgin islands vacation rentals to suit each need. However, below are some of the things you need to consider before booking these villas:

  • Location

The villas accommodations in Virgin Island are well spread out. Some are closer to the nature trails while others overlook the pristine beaches. Depending on the specific activities that you plan to engage in, book a villa that is strategically located to ease your travelling logistics.

Stay at Lille Paradis villa, for unlimited access to Kiddel Bay beach (just 5 minutes’ walk). It’s a rocky secluded beach; ideal for a private vacation. From this location, there are also several boats for hire to take you to the rest of the island. And you can also choose to explore by road.

  • Proximity to a shopping centerLille Paradis Deck virgin islands vacation

St. John is popular with shopping. For a fulfilling shopping adventure, don’t stay very far away from the shopping centers. Similarly, if you plan to cook your meals, getting fresh grocery supplies would be ideal.

  • Proximity to the beach and other tourist attractions

St. John is well organized with transport networks all over the region. But sometimes you want your vacation localized within a particular region. Identify the activities you will be engaging in and give us a call. We will advise you on the best villa to book.

WindridgeHouse st john virgin islands vacation rentalsA stay at Wind Ridge is ideal for those intending to visit Coral Bay and the Hurricane Hole. The villa overlooks the Coral Bay harbor, and it has a fully equipped kitchen and spacious patios. However, you can book a taxi and explore the rest of the island conveniently from Wind Ridge villa.

  • Storage facilities

If you’re a professional sea diver or a hiking team, you need a villa with dedicated storage for your equipment. The other alternative is to hire this equipment, which will add on to your vacation expenditure. Most of our villas have dedicated storage space and open patios for that equipment that does not make it inside.

  • Ventilation

The Caribbean is a rather hot climatic region for the most part of the year. Even when it rains, the weather is still hot. A villa with a well-maintained air-conditioning system will make your vacation more enjoyable.

Villa Madeline offers excellent ventilation. The AC is fully functional. In the morning, when the sun is not as hot, you can open the large windows to let in the fresh countryside air.

  • Other services offeredVillMadelinest john virgin islands vacation rentals

Do you have small kids? A nanny and chef on board will be a bonus for you. Although you might pay a little extra for such services, sometimes they are inevitable.

Festivities in the Caribbean

If you are looking forward to mingling with the locals, the best way is to participate in their annual and monthly festivities.

St John Festival

Carnival celebrations on St. John last for several weeks and end with St Johns own emancipation day, marking the abolition of slavery. It also happens to fall on the U.S. independence day. It is the perfect time of year to experience local culture. Food and live music are the highlight. Local craft markets are set up and every delicacy is offered.

Sea activities, nature walks, shopping, and sightseeing are some of the activities you can enjoy in St. John and St. Thomas. Alternatively, relax in your villa and play indoor games. Whatever your choice, let Windspree Vacation Homes handle your villas accommodations in virgin islands vacation rentals as you enjoy the holiday.

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