Our villas are well equipped with the essentials of home. All that is needed when visiting a Windspree villa are the things that you will wear or carry daily. If you are careful, it is possible to fit all of your essentials in one carry-on and one personal item. Read on to learn more packing tips for when you visit St. John in the US Virgin Islands!

Less is Best

The key to packing for your St. John vacation is to PACK LIGHT! You truly need less than you think you need. The majority of your time will be spent enjoying the beach or hiking in the great outdoors. And, most of our properties have a washer and dryer, so it is not essential to pack outfits for every day as you can wash mid stay.

What to Pack

st. john vacation villa rental windspree

  • hiking shoes
  • sandals or flip flops
  • light cotton clothing
  • beach cover up
  • swim suit
  • sunscreen (3oz or less, reef-safe) or swim shirt and hat
  • bug repellent (3oz or less)
  • camera
  • sunglasses
  • *passport, only if you plan on visiting the British Virgin Islands (on a day charter for instance)
  • drivers license or government issued ID
  • credit cards, most places take credit cards but having some cash on hand is also recommended
  • personal hygiene products (liquids 3oz or less)
  • reusable water bottle

Casual + Footloose

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The terrain is hilly, so comfortable walking shoes are essential. Heels and dress shoes are not recommended. One pair of comfortable shoes for hiking, and one pair of beach sandals or flip flops that can also be worn with shorts or a dress out in the evenings is ideal. Restaurant attire is very casual.

Swimwear Only for the Beach

It is important to cover-up your swimwear when walking around town or entering businesses. A simple beach cover up is fine, or a t-shirt and shorts. Remember, you are visiting another culture and respecting the customs will make your visit that much more pleasant.

Easy Breezy

Hair does its own thing in the humid and breezy air and so plan on ditching the sleek fancy hairstyles you are used to in the States. There are hair dryers in the villas. You may resort to throwing your hair up in a ponytail or clip. Hey, you are on vacation. No need to worry about keeping up appearances, time to just relax.

st. john vacation villa rental

All Natural

Make-up can also be a challenge. Waterproof products work best as you will likely sweat off the regular products. Our island is small and our eco-system is fragile. We ask that you please only use natural products while visiting the Virgin Islands.You will find that greasy lotions will feel extra heavy, so we recommend light water-based or aloe-based products to soothe sunburned skin.

A recent law was passed banning chemical sunscreens. It comes with a hefty fine. Please only bring non-nano particle, non-aerosol mineral sunscreen. Check your local health food store or it can be ordered online. We also sell reef-safe sunscreen at the local dive shops.

Better than Sunscreen

The best method to protect your skin from the sun is a swim shirt and hat. They can be purchased at several shops on island and make a great souvenir to bring home with you.

Don’t Get Bugged

Everyone’s susceptibility to bug bites differs. Some need to use bug repellent daily and some never have to use it. The most common instances where repellent is needed is at dawn and dusk. Sand fly bites can cause irritation several hours after the bites and so there is a common misconception that bites are continuing to occur long after departing the beach. Staying cool and covered with a light cotton shirt and pants seems to be the best remedy to avoiding discomfort. Try to use natural repellent using essential oils. It is found to be just as or more effective as the chemical repellent.

Explore More

There are several places to rent snorkel gear. It cost $8 – $15 per day. No need to pack your bulky gear if you don’t have to. All of our villas are equipped with beach towels, beach chairs and a cooler.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

All of our properties have UV filters installed and so the water is drinkable. In an effort to reduce plastic waste, please use reusable water bottles when you are out and about.

Going to Official Lengths

The only time you will need long pants and long sleeves are if you attend a church service or when entering a government office; applying for a marriage license for instance.

Coming in from the Cold

st john vacation rentals beach

If you are traveling from a colder climate, it will take a few days for your body to adjust to the warmth and humidity. Light cotton clothing will be more comfortable.

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