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paper straws
Biodegradable paper straws.

The most prevalent items among flotsam & jetsam are plastic cups and straws? While plastic will eventually break apart into minuscule pieces, it never fully biodegrades. Plastic will exist on this earth in some capacity long after we are all dust, and single-use, “disposable” plastics are the worst offenders. These popular plastic favorites live a short life at happy hour before being unceremoniously tossed in a big bin of other garbage destined for the dump. Seriously, what the &%^$ are we thinking? We are St. John. We are a natural gem. We are The US Virgin Islands National Park.

Plastic Free St. John to the Rescue

Give it up for this concerned group of St. John residents who organized and made it their first goal to eliminate plastic straws across the island. They appealed to local businesses and awarded certificates to those who agreed to comply.

Plastic Free St. JohnAnd this group isn’t done. They continue to preach the anti-plastic gospel and reduce the volume of disposable plastics that arrive on our tiny island. Hallelujah!

Make a Difference

For such a massive problem, it’s natural to think your actions won’t have an effect, but au contraire!  You can make a significant difference with a few simple changes and actions:
  • Support those who support the environment by choosing watering holes that don’t use plastic cups or straws.  On St. John, look for the fancy certificate with the “The Last Plastic Straw” logo.
  • Choose paper or bamboo straws that are biodegradable

    Skinny Legs Bar & Grill proudly displays their certificate th not using plastic straws.
  • BYOS and show-off with your own stainless steel or glass version
  • BYOC and show a little flair with your fancy reusable model
  • Join the other fabulous flops-on-the-ground
  • Volunteer to cleanup St. John beaches with the VI National Park
  • Spread the news by sharing this article
  • Strike-up a curious conversation with a stranger using plastic and ask, “Did you know, the most prevalent, yet most preventable, shoreline trash found around the world are plastic cups and straws?”
See you at the bar with my super-sized sippy cup!

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